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Family portrait photography in North London


I had the most incredible time photographing Angelika’s wonderful family and enormous dog at their beautiful home in North London. Angelika contacted us after seeing some of my family photographs at a friend’s home in Hampstead and had loved the natural style of my pictures; we chatted on the phone and I knew we were a great match and couldn’t wait for our session.

We had a wonderful day. I arrived bright and early and the weather was just perfect. After a formal family photograph by the front door, we all headed out to the woods nearby – somewhere for a nice family walk where I could take relaxed family photographs and nobody felt pressured in front of the camera. Keeping things really relaxed and fun is a very big part of my approach to family photography, as this way I can capture lovely photographs that really reflect a family and all the different personalities of each individual person.

We had a lovely time at the woods and I took some family shots and pictures of the children together, as well as relaxed images as they walked and chatted together. As always in the woods, sticks became a big part of the entertainment and with such a big dog as part of the family, then truly enormous sticks became essential!

From the wood, we walked home past some haystacks which made a great place to stop for a few more pictures – the silhouetted picture of the three boys is one of my favourite shots from the whole year and will be added to my portfolio. I love how you can see the personalities of the boys through their poses – such individuality of body language makes it a really great photograph.

We then headed back home for a few indoor pictures making use of the wonderful light and the interesting features of Angelika’s beautiful home.

Next stop was tennis – Angelika’s children are all showing great promise at the game and a friendly neighbour lets them practice on their court. We headed next door to take some pictures as Angelika and the boys were all very keen to have pictures that reflected their skill in this, such an important part of their lives. It’s a wonderful benefit of photographing on location in family homes that we can include all these different aspects of a family’s life, really reflecting the day-to-day activities that everyone enjoys.

The final element of the shoot took place in Angelika’s garden. When I’m taking children and family photos, I love sessions like this where we mix up the locations so much – moving quickly from place to place, and activity to activity, so everyone stays interested and we achieve a huge variety to the pictures. Apple Cricket (in my own childhood, it was pear cricket – I’m sure anyone who grew up with fruit trees in the garden had their own version) was hilarious and then finishing with the hose and some water shots – so much fun spraying the kids and even more fun (for them) to spray their mum!

A wonderful time was had by all, and I’m absolutely thrilled with the pictures from our children and family photography session – a selection of lovely, relaxed and natural photographs that really show the children’s personalities. If you would like to arrange a portrait session for your own family in North London or further afield, do contact us – we would be delighted to hear from you.

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