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Family portrait photography session in Wimbledon


Photography fun on Wimbledon Common

For part of our family photography session we went to beautiful Wimbledon common which is one of my favourite places in London for family photography sessions.  Wimbledon is such a brilliant place to explore and, because a running event meant the families usual haunts were busy, we got to visit new areas of the common which the boys really enjoyed.

We found lakes, some brilliant dens and also huge numbers of tiny frogs which was one of those moments filled with wonder that I just love to witness.  Going with the flow and playing games means each session is different and each is brilliant fun.

The joy of a baby sister

I love watching sibling relationships and these boys were so incredibly tender with their baby sister it was a joy to see. They clearly all adore each other, and I know that she will love these pictures when she’s grown up int eh way that I love the pictures of my brothers and I (I’m lucky enough to have big brothers too).

She was such a delight on the shoot, happy and smiling and making everyone around her smile too. As always we worked around her nap to ensure that normal routines were adhered to which always helps a session to run smoothly.

Making the most of the environment

One of the best things about taking pictures outdoors is there is always so much to do and see. From climbing trees and games such as hide and seek and also the discovery of the natural world. I love this picture of the boys looking at ferns with their father, seeing how the tiny leaves unravel. They are amazing plants and amazing for photos especially when they are tall enough to hide in as you will have seen in the image shared earlier.

Water fun in the garden

As it was a hot day, we finished the session with some water fun in the garden. I love pictures of children with water and it’s a great way to multi-task and keep the garden looking good while also creating a brilliant opportunity for pictures. The kids love it too and particularly enjoyed spraying their parents. I admit, it was so hot I was tempted to stand under the sprinkler myself, if I hadn’t had cameras round my neck and a long journey home on public transport, I think I would have enjoyed a shower to cool down.

Sessions, as you can see, are such great fun. We had a brilliant day, and I can’t wait for the family to see the full selection of images from our brilliant family photography session in Wimbledon.

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