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Family Portraits in Greenwich SE10 – A beautiful summer shoot


Repeat clients are the cornerstones of my business, photographing families again and again over the years. I’m very proud of the fact that many of my clients return year on year, pleased with their fabulous photographs and our excellent customer service. The pictures I’m sharing today are from my eighth shoot with Linda and her family – a testament to the top quality of my work.

For this photo shoot we decided to head south to Greenwich – my childhood stomping ground and an area that Linda and her family had not visited before. They combined the trip with a show at the fabulous National Maritime Museum so made a day out of their photo shoot. We met at Greenwich Park; a short walk for me from my childhood home. The park was completely empty, just the occasional dog walker and a few people practicing Thai Chi. It was a beautiful day and we knew that it wouldn’t be long before the crowds would be out. Starting early has so many benefits for photo shoots; having London’s fabulous green spaces to ourselves is very high on the list.

As always the children were brilliant fun to photograph. They are some of the best-behaved children I’ve ever met and always such a pleasure to talk to. I love hearing what they have been up to in the year since I last saw them; there are usually some fantastic tales of exotic holidays as well as catching up on every day life. It’s great to hear what they are enjoying at school and which extra curricular activities are taking up most of their time. I was incredibly impressed to hear about Charlotte’s musical prowess. I don’t remember ever being particularly good at anything at that age but children seem to be so much more accomplished now – it’s lovely to see.

One of the things that always strikes me when photographing Linda and her family is just how much we laugh, there’s always someone joking or laughing and the children all have such beautiful smiles, it’s a real pleasure to photograph them. I love watching the interaction between the siblings and the fabulous close relationship they all have.

We had a brilliant time at the Park; Ben was very impressed to see the best climbing trees in London (there might be a couple on Hampstead Heath in the running but I’m a great believer that Greenwich Park deserves that title). It wasn’t long before all four children were up in a tree laughing down at their parents as I took their pictures.

I enjoyed my role as tour guide showing everyone the meridian line so we could stand with one foot in the east and one in the west. Over the years I’ve picked up a fair bit of local trivia and it’s always fun to fill my clients in on elements of local history.

We walked all over the park, exploring and looking for good locations for pictures before finishing down in Greenwich where the family needed to be for their lunch. It was great fun and I’m already looking forward to next year.

I do hope you enjoy looking at these pictures, a selection from our family photo shoot in Greenwich, South London.

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