Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

First photo shoot back after lockdown – a sneak preview


So wonderful to be creative again

I was asked recently to describe my childhood in three words. My immediate response was ‘best big brothers’. I had a very happy childhood and so much of the joy was due to my awesome siblings. So, when I met these wonderful brothers at the weekend I wanted to show their relationship and give them pictures that will remind them of how awesome their brother is when they look back on them in the future.

It was my first shoot back after lockdown and it was a joy. Like most of my photographer colleagues it’s been a very difficult few months, not doing the thing we love most has been hard but it makes the joy of returning to it all the sweeter. From packing my cameras the night before, and going through all my pre-shoot rituals, checking kit and getting an early night, I was so excited to be getting back to it.

I was even more excited as I knew I was going to have a brilliant time. I have been exchanging emails with Alex, over lockdown as we have been planning our photo shoot and to top it off Alex had sent me the most joyful selfie of the three of them the day before. Seeing those brilliant grins and the clear love they all have for each other meant I knew it would be a session filled with fun and laughter and I wasn’t disappointed.

Two interesting, articulate, handsome, and fun boys who clearly adored their dad and are so loved in return. It was an absolute joy to photograph them all.

We had a brilliant time exploring in Epping Forest, a place I had not visited before and somewhere I hope to visit again soon. The boys were great at finding games to play and brilliant ideas which made for excellent pictures. From den building to long jumps, stick-sword fighting to climbing tree it was an active and exciting day and the pictures are wonderful. So wonderful I couldn’t choose just one for this sneak preview but instead share two with you today.

Two separate and very different shots from my first shoot back and both seem to capture something of these wonderful young men.

The first a graphic portrait. I saw the possibilities of the light catching on the long grass and knew I could do something very dramatic with sidelight and deep shadows. I love the stillness of this image, the boys looking up and out to the future.

The second picture is the opposite, a noisy picture, a picture about love and mayhem and so much laughter. A picture that seems to sum up their relationship so well. I love both these images and I hope you will too.

It’s great to be back to work. I can’t wait for a busy summer. I do have spaces in the diary though after the long lockdown, and so if you would like to book a session this year then get in touch. I’d love to meet your family and record your lives in beautiful pictures to treasure.