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Fun Filled and Energetic Family Photo Shoot in Kensington


This session was an absolutely fantastic morning in Kensington Gardens with Alex and her lovely family. It’s always such fun to look back on my sessions when I write the full blog post, I love to remember all the different things that we did and the fun we had taking family photographs. This was one of my favourite sessions that I have had recently and I hope you will agree that the pictures have turned out brilliantly.

Alex had been given my name by their incredibly talented wedding photographer; Martin Beddall who had recommended she book me for her family portraits. It’s always such a compliment to be recommended by other photographers and I’m very grateful that Martin passed my name on. Martin and I had spoken before the day and he’d told me how lovely Alex and Andrew were so I knew I would have a great time.

When I arrived to be greeted by two massive grins on the faces of Alex and Andrew’s children Jemima and Toby, I knew I was in for a treat. We were out very early and in Kensington Gardens just after 8am. The park was empty and the morning light was stunning as we started to play games straight away. The children thought it was fantastic; a whole morning to play with mummy and daddy and enjoy all their favourite games (which, as is so often the case, involved chasing their parents round and round). It was such fun.

To keep family photo shoots fun and exciting for everyone I always keep things moving, both moving from area to area and changing the games we are playing so nobody gets too tired of any one thing. This strategy ensures that photo shoots are always great fun and also that we get a really lovely variety of images – from the documentary family photographs as everyone plays together to relaxed family portraits and pictures of siblings together which are often parent’s favourite pictures from a given photo shoot.

Kensington Gardens is such a brilliant location for family photo shoots as there is so much variety; different areas which provide such variety to the pictures. We found a brilliant tree trunk that made a fabulous pirate ship (and yes, Alex and Andrew did have to walk the plank). It also made a great spot for family pictures and I love how relaxed and fun they are – you can see that everyone is having a great time. More and more London parks are using fallen trees to great effect providing a spot for a quiet sit down or for a boisterous game, it’s fantastic.

Then we moved on taking a quick pit stop for coffee and a muffin to top up everyone’s energy levels, and then more running around. We finished with a lion hunt in the long grass, a brilliant game and definitely one best left until the end of the photo shoot as the dew made it all rather wet. So we finished – tired, happy, and a little bit damp and ready to go home for lunch. A perfect day and a fabulous set of pictures, I do hope you enjoy them.

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