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Greenwich Park children’s and family photographer


Before my recent move to Crouch End, I was based in Blackheath in South East London and so today’s shoot was very local to me, taking place at Gemma’s home in Beckenham in Kent and also the majestic Greenwich Park.

We started our family portrait session at Gemma’s beautiful home, as the morning had dawned with torrential rain and cold, blustery winds. This is never a problem, as we drank some coffee and started our shoot by exploring the house to capture some pictures of the children playing in their own environment. We played in the children’s bedroom enjoying all manner of fun games such as hiding behind curtains, eating CDs (perhaps not the healthiest snack, but I do like a shiney surface in a photograph), and generally having a play. It was great fun and Gemma’s beautiful house had great light, which made photography a joy.

Soon the rain began to ease and we decided that we would head outside – Gemma’s family are all very outdoorsy and she was keen to hit the park whatever the weather. As always, I was well-prepared with my trusty Goretex boots and a waterproof coat, so a sprinkling of rain was never going to put me off. I like to think of myself as waterproof when it comes to photography.

By the time we arrived at Greenwich Park, the rain had stopped and the park was ours – the wet weather had kept everyone else away and it felt like our own private garden as we explored. As someone who grew up in Blackheath, I know the park very, very well – I ran there three times a week at least and spent many of my formative years learning to ride a bike and playing with my brothers in the park. It was great fun to introduce the children to some of my favorite trees – each tree in the flower garden has such personality and so many possiblities for wonderful children and family photographs with magical light (and shelter from the occasional showers). The trees also have low branches to climb on and exciting holes around the roots which are obvious hiding places for Gruffalos and other exciting mythical beasts.

We spent the morning exploring the park – climbing, running, jumping and skipping our way around – and the children had a wonderful time as I took children’s portrait photographs and family shots. Here are a few favorites from our family portrait photography shoot taken on location in Greenwich Park and Beckenham in Kent.

I do hope you enjoy this selection of pictures from our morning together and if you would like me to visit and capture some pictures of your own family, please contact us – we would be thrilled to hear from you.

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