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I’m often asked for clothing advice for photo shoots and I have to admit that if it had been put to me in advance whether a seven year old boy should be sporting a panama hat for his family photoshoot on Hampstead Heath, I admit that I might have voiced some misgivings. I’m so glad I wasn’t asked. It was clear right from the start that Loukas was going to be wearing the hat come what may, and with it being such a bright day, I thought it would give me some lovely light on his face so I thought we would go with it. I’m so very very glad Loukas wore the hat – I love the look, I absolutely love it.

I’m not sure if it is the hat or the Heath, or probably the combination of the two along with the long khaki shorts that give it such a look of colonial elegance – I keep expecting to see an elephant or two in the long grass. I think it might also speak to my love of Poirot and all things Agatha Christie – after all both Hercule himself and the wonderful Captain Hastings were both fond of a panama hat. I’m sure Miss Marple would have worn one if she was a man. But I digress into all things Agatha Christie and away from our fabulous children and family photo shoot on Hampstead Heath.

We had a wonderful morning – exploring, playing games, climbing trees. A game of ‘Simon Says’ was a definite high point (‘Simon Says ‘take your hat off for the next photo’) as there is nothing more amusing than watching a child get their parents to do silly things, “Loukas says – daddy kiss mummy!”

Loukas was such fun, a real natural in front of the camera and interested in the photography side of things as well – searching out good spots for photos and taking on board what I said about direction of light – it can sometimes confuse that I either shoot into the light or place my subjects in the shade. He found interesting spots and once he realised we could play games as well as take photographs we were on to a winner.

Loukas told me that his ambition is to be a performer – singing, dancing and his wonderful showmanship really came across on our children’s photography session. He has incredible style and panache for such a young man, and I can see him doing ever so well if he works hard to achieve his dreams. I do hope that I shall see Loukas and his family again soon to hear how he is getting on.

I had such a lovely time and I’m thrilled with the pictures. I hope you like this selection of images from our children and family photo shoot on Hampstead Heath, North London.

If you would like me to capture some pictures of your own family, please contact us – we would be delighted to hear from you.

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