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Holland Park Family Photography with Rugby, Swings and Light Sabers


I first met Melissa back in 2010 so I was thrilled when she arranged another photo shoot to update her family photographs at their home in Holland Park. I have fond memories of our first session as we had had such a great time. At the time Melissa was pregnant with her second son and since then a third boy had joined the family, I couldn’t wait to meet them all.

The day dawned and I arrived at the house bright and early. The boys were just finishing their breakfast and we decided that as Theo, the youngest, might not have a mid morning nap we should head straight out to make the most of having all the boys on top form. With younger children we work around their nap times but as they grow out of them it becomes ever more important to get started bright and early as toddlers can get so tired by the end of the morning. Our 8am start was perfect and we were at the park by 8.30 – the first people to arrive!

We had a great time, starting with some family photographs and pictures of the boys together we quickly moved on to start exploring the park – looking into the trees to see which birds we could find and climbing on the wooden sculptures – Holland Park has so many fabulous wooden thrones dotted around, they are perfect for family portraits. As always with children they were just as happy jumping off seats as sitting on them and I’m always keen to make anything into a game – it always adds to the character of the pictures.

The boys had bought their rugby ball and had a brilliant time practicing with their dad, I love the shots of him lifting the boys into the air to catch it. Those are pictures that I know they will treasure as they grow up.

Then into the flower garden for hide and seek. It was clearly in between plantings on this particular day so looking rather sparse but that didn’t put the boys off, they had a great time hiding from each other in it’s maze like paths.

We played some chess in the incredible low winter light, the shadows were fantastic and it was great to see how good the boys were at the game. I remember being much older when I learnt to play but I see younger and younger children playing properly at the park now, it’s wonderful to see.

After a brief spell in the playground we headed home for a few more pictures at the house. Theo was in his element rolling around on his bed with his giant cuddly dog and showing me how well he played the drums. The older boys were keener to show off their light saber skills, two Jedi’s in the making!

It was a brilliant day out at the park and then back in Melissa’s beautiful Holland Park home and I’m thrilled with the pictures. I do hope you will enjoy looking at them and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to arrange your own session.

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