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We recently shared a ‘Just One’ preview image from Oliver and Katja’s fabulous family photo shoot in Kensington, West London W8 – a picture I particularly loved of the children atop boulders in Holland Park, beautifully backlit in the amazing autumn light.

Today I am going to share a few more favourites from our wonderful children, baby and family photography session. It was a really brilliant day and I’m so thrilled with the portrait photographs that I captured for the family.

As always, I arrived bright and early. Usually, the first thing that happens when I arrive is that I have a coffee while everyone is just putting the final touches to outfits and getting ready to start – today, however, we were straight into our shoot. My shoes and coat were abandoned by the front door, camera out as ‘the children are already upstairs waiting for you and taking pictures of each other’ – it was clearly a moment not to be missed! I grabbed my cameras and rushed upstairs to find the children, beautiful and dishevelled in their pyjamas, playing in their parents’ room. The light was perfect, the children were perfect, it was wonderful. We took some beautiful shots as they were laughing together – just lovely.

After the initial excitement died down, our thoughts turned to breakfast for the children and coffee for the adults. We went downstairs and had a bit of a break while waffles were cooked and coffee brewed – all this before 8.30am!

We then headed outdoors to the park. Holland Park has always been a favourite location of mine, as there is so much variety but it isn’t so big that the children get bored walking miles from one exciting area to another. It’s also challenging for me, as I believe it’s very important to take different pictures on each and every shoot, and not just go from set up shot to set up shot. We visited Holland Park for our previous shoot in 2011, so I was really keen to capture totally different pictures – something really different and extraordinary to really wow Oliver and Katja. You can see some of the photos from our 2011 shoot in this previous blog post.

It’s this hunger to capture something different, something interesting and extraordinary, to be creative and imaginative with my image making, that makes photography such a passion for me – something that I can see myself doing and improving on for years and years to come. I do hope lots of my clients will continue to join me for the journey, we’ll have so much fun together.

I’m so pleased with the results from this photo shoot, which are very different from our last set of pictures even though we also took them in Holland Park. There are many interesting shots that really capture the children at this point in their lives and for me, really demonstrate the very best in baby children and family photography in Kensington and Holland Park, London W8.

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