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Ideas for Spring Family Photo Shoots


With the rapidly improving weather and three, yes THREE bank holiday weekends in May, the spring is the perfect time to have a family photography session. It’s my favourite season on the year for photography. I love the joy that the warmer and brighter days bring, the new growth on the tress, the stunning light, and the feeling that winter is at an end and the year ahead beckons. If you are thinking of a spring shoot this year then here are a few ideas you might like to consider, if they sound good to you then get in touch as weekend dates do book up fast at this time of year.

Spring flowers, fresh woodland, and quiet parks

The spring is such a beautiful time to be out in nature and I find the parks are quieter in the spring. We can enjoy the playgrounds or feed the ducks and enjoy the riot of blossom on the trees.

If trees are your thing then woodland can be at its best at this time of year as the spring growth creates canopies of leaves and the feeling of entering a magical landscape unchanged for centuries. London has some wonderful woodland, and days out on Hampstead Heath, Highgate Wood or Richmond Park will never disappoint. I love how woodland often has all the excitement of a playground but in a beautiful setting. Climbing trees, building dens, and the occasional rope swing keeps everyone entertained.

A family adventure or mini break

Sometimes it’s nice to leave the city for your photo shoot and, especially if you have a lot of regular photo shoots with me, then it might be nice to mix up the location a bit and head somewhere new. I’m happy to jump on a train and join you on a UK mini break if you are spending some time in the countryside or by the sea this year (there are some extra charges for this of course, but it’s definitely worth it for the extra dimension it can bring to your photos)

Springtime by the seaside can be magical as the light is softer than high summer and the beaches are less crowded. Alternatively, the rolling countryside of the Cotswolds or the woodland of the New Forest make for brilliant locations for pictures. The pebbles, and the fairground of Brighton are easily accessible from London and make for a fun day out.

A day trip to a different town such as Oxford or Cambridge can also be a great way to put a different spin on your family pictures and we can explore together, taking the tourist trail and visiting all the city sights (although be aware we can’t take pictures inside the colleges). I’ll document your day as you have fun, and the resulting pictures will be full of memories for the future.

Time spent at home

With all the exciting outdoor options available it’s always worth remembering that home is where the heart is and that often photoshoots in your normal environment are the best. We can go out to your local park where the kids love to play and then come home and take pictures in the place where you spend most of your time.

I love indoor shoots as kids have all their favourite things to hand and there are always things they love to do. It’s fascinating to photograph children engaging with interests that might span the years, or might be a short-term love, but either way will be something you can look back on with happy memories. My nephew loves to build dinosaur parks, really *loves* to build dinosaur parks. Having pictures of this is really special as I know when he’s older we’ll be able to chat about them. He might follow his dream to become a palaeontologist then wont that be special to have these pictures to look back on. I have pictures of me with a camera when I’m still at nursery school, the little things are often the most important.

With babies under one then some time at home during your session works particularly well as they can snuggle in their crib or roll around on your bed to create beautiful portraits.

London is at its best in the spring

If heading into Central London appeals for your photo shoot hen London is at it’s best in the spring. Sunny days, happy people, and considerably less crowded than in the summer, it’s a great time to explore our wonderful capital city.  Whether it’s enjoying the sunshine in Hyde Park, riding the London Eye, or enjoying the delicacies on offer in Borough Market, we’ll have a brilliant day.

The parks are blooming with spring flowers and the grass is lush before the summer sun hits it. Whether its cherry blossom or daffodils, there’s always something so uplifting about the early flowers, and I love to use them creatively to give you images that you will treasure.

We can plan a day that takes in some of the iconic buildings and places as well as ensuring some time at the park for the kids to run around. Keeping everyone happy and adding a feeling of adventure to our photo shoot means it will be a day to remember for you all.

Get everyone involved – extended family sessions

With bank holidays a-plenty this year it could be a great opportunity for a family get-together. Children, grandchildren, grandparents, cousins, big family gatherings can be a brilliant opportunity to take some pictures and record the relationships in your family.

I love taking multi-generational family pictures and there is something truly wonderful about photographs which show the relationship of children and their grandparents, images that will be treasured now and treasured eve more in the future. I know I love images of me with my granny, they remind me of a relationship I only barely remember and that’s a very special thing to have.

It’s also just a great excuse for a family party and what better reason to get everyone together for a fun filled family day with beautiful pictures at the end of it.

Book a spring shoot now

If this sounds good to you then don’t delay but drop me a line and we can compare diaries. The spring does book up fast but I still have a couple of weekend dates available each month. I look forward to hearing from you.