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Joyful Family Photography in West London


My Wonderful Fifth Session with this Fantastic Family

Today I’m sharing a sneak preview from a joyful family photography session in West London. I am so lucky with my family photography clients, I get to work with such wonderful people. Also, with regular sessions over the years, get to know people really well so going to work is like visiting friends. It’s something I look forward to so much and which is filled with joy and laughter.  This is the case for this wonderful family who I have been lucky enough to see annually for the last five years.  We first met when the girls were newborn and since then have had an annual session to record them growing up and their wonderful relationship with each other and their parents and grandparents.

Each year we have such fun, we play at home, we go to the park, we include things that are very much of the moment as well as games and activities that span from year to year – swings have been a favourite since the girls first birthday photo shoot and I expect will feature for many years yet to come.  This year the girls were learning to ride their bikes and, energetically supported by grandparents, it was a joy to watch them speed around the path, slightly wobbly but full of determination to succeed.  I have such vivid memories of learning to ride a bike myself, and I have photographs from the day I first succeeded in cycling on my own, it’s lovely to pass this same gift on to two of my favourite little subjects.

I always find it such a challenge to pick a few shots for my blog posts as there are always so many to choose from, but I absolutely love the first picture shared today, those little eyes peeking through the Duplo wall we built in the playroom. It’s such a clean graphic image but with such personality and humour.  Graphics play a bit part in the climbing frame shot too, the ropes of the climbing frame echoed by the stretching arms and those wonderful curls of dark hair, I love her look of concentration.  From concentration to play and the simple joy of being little, having fun, and laughing with family they adore.

I love all these pictures and I hope you will too from my recent joyful family photography session in west London.  The diary is very full now before Christmas and bookings are coming in thick and fast for the New Year.  Do get in touch if you would like me to photograph your family, I’d love to hear from you.