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Family portraits in Kent today as I jumped on an early train to meet Mark and Carolyn and their beautiful children to update their family photographs. We had first met back in 2010 when Scarlett was only 10 months old, roughly the same age as baby Beau is now and so it was a great moment to schedule portraits of the children.

We had a brilliant time, starting with a few family images in the garden before heading out to the park. I like to start my portrait sessions early, this has so many advantages – happy children, great light, empty parks but also means if we have a parent who can’t join us for the whole of the session we can often get a few images with them before it all starts.

In this case Mark couldn’t join us at the park and I’m so glad we took some pictures in the garden before we left – family pictures really are something to treasure and it’s lovely to take them when the opportunity arises.

From the garden we went to the park and it was fabulous – not somewhere I had visited before but I can see why it is such a firm favourite with the family. There was so much to do and it was such a beautiful spot. We climbed trees and played the girls favourite games – running from one side to the other of what may once have been an old sunken garden, high fiving in the middle as they passed the middle. They will be a formidable duo in a relay race.

Baby Beau tried to join in and we played a brilliant game of hide and seek with everyone in fits of laughter as we tried to hide in ever more ridiculous places. My cameras sticking out from behind a tree gave me away when it was my turn much to everyone’s delight.

We found a sheltered path with the most stunning light – soft and beautiful that worked brilliantly for some pictures of the girls together and also some lovely portraits of baby Beau, the shot where she is holding a leaf on her head is a particular favourite, such a lovely moment that I know will make everyone smile as she gets older.

We finished by building a den, one of my favourite activities for baby, children and family photography as its so much fun and has so many opportunities for lovely pictures, before heading home, tired but happy, for lunch. It was a wonderful day in Kent and we have some wonderful photographs that I hope will be treasured by Mark, Carolyn and the girls for years to come.

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