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Natural Photographic Portraits of Children in Kensington


It’s my great pleasure today to be sharing a set of lovely natural children’s portrait photographs fro a recent photo shoot in Kensington. Over the past thirteen years as a children and family photographer in London I have got to know this area of west London very well – visiting frequently to photograph babies, children and families and so I was thrilled when Melinda got in touch to arrange her photo shoot. We chatted on the phone and I knew we would have a lovely time.

When I arrived, bright and early, at Melinda’s stunning Kensington home the children were dressed and raring to go and so we started at home. We took some pictures in the garden and then explored the house making use of the wonderful architecture (the stairs were to die for) and also having an impromptu concert as the children showed off their musical skill at the piano. I love photographing children engaged in their favourite activities and showing their skills as these images will mean so much to them as they grow up.

I was shown their rooms and met their favourite toys and we spent a happy time on the roof terrace discussing super hero movies and the latest James Bond. I’m so glad I followed Michael’s advice to watch Ant Man, which he told me about as we chatted, a fabulous movie and one I would certainly recommend.

Then we headed out to Kensington Gardens for some outdoor photographs and to take advantage of the beautiful winter weather – low sun, leaves on the ground but surprisingly mild for the time of year. We had a great time collecting and kicking up leaves, playing games and the children demonstrated their fearsome fencing skills – another favourite activity which transferred so well to photographs with some big sticks we found.

We even had time to go to the wonderful playground in Kensington Gardens which is a lovely spot for children’s portrait photography and wasn’t too crowded so early in the day. The children had a brilliant time on the swings and I’m particularly fond of the photographs of them together on the big round swing, the creator of those swings deserves a medal, they are brilliant for pictures.

We finished by walking the scenic route home, taking photographs in the beautiful Kensington mews behind the house, images that really anchor the photographs in this picturesque area of London.

It was great fun and we have such a wonderful set of photographs to show for our morning. I can’t wait to see everyone again for the next annual photo shoot!

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