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I first met Kate and Tom back in 2014 when I visited them at their North London home to take some stylish black and white family photograph with their newborn baby daughter Elsa. Elsa was under a fortnight old at the time and we spent a fabulous morning together. I utilised the incredible light in their beautifully designed home and took some of my favourite ever newborn and family photographs in North London.

Since then time has flown by and with another baby on the way Kate and Tom were keen to update their family photographs. We thought it would be a lovely idea to have a family session with Elsa before her new baby sibling is born and I visit the family again for their newborn pictures. Elsa is 2 years old and so full of personality, it was so lovely to have a photo shoot that is all about her and celebrates this time when the family is just three before the new baby arrives. As the youngest child of four I find it fascinating to look at the pictures of my parents and my brothers before I was born and to see all the things they enjoyed before I arrived on the scene.

We had such a great time, Elsa was an absolute joy to photograph, keen to play and to involve me in all her games. She showed me around the amazing North London park near the family home which made such a great location for our photographs. I love to include the environment in my pictures and to use locations to create stylish and unique family photographs.

Towards the end of the morning the weather took a turn for the worse and after ice cream under umbrellas (so typical of British summertime) we headed back to the house for some indoor pictures. I love Kate and Tom’s home, it’s got the most incredible light and the decor is just stunning. We took some pictures in Elsa’s room – don’t you love the shot of her reading to her teddies? Then we played with the amazing toy pram in the living room. It almost feels, looking at these pictures, as if the baby has already arrived and Elsa is talking to her tiny sibling, but that’s still to come, I can’t wait for our next shoot in the autumn.

I’m so pleased with these pictures and I hope you will agree that using stylish black and white has really added to the impact of these beautiful family portraits from our recent photo shoot in North London. If you would like some more information about my family photo shoots perhaps visit the how it works page to find out more or take a look at some other North London family photo shoots such as this family photography session in Islington N1 or this North London newborn photography session

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