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Photographing a family on vacation in Knightsbridge, London


Everyone was in a brilliant mood for this spring family photo shoot in Knightsbridge recently. Spring is one of my favourite times of year for family photography – each sunny day feels like a gift and there is a sense of excitement about the summer ahead.

Hanadi had contacted me to arrange a photography session while the family was visiting from Dubai, I’m increasingly getting bookings for families while they are on vacation in London and so do get in touch if you are considering a photo shoot while you are on holiday here in the UK. Hanadi and her family were staying in a wonderful apartment in Knightsbridge, which is an area I know very well and has a number of great locations for family photography, for our shoot we decided to visit beautiful Hyde Park.

The three girls were absolutely brilliant fun and we had such a great morning, I loved the way that Lulu, the youngest, was clearly in charge and had the whole family wrapped around her little finger. Her older sister’s had a brilliant time pushing her in the swing as she roared with laughter, encouraging her sister’s to push her higher and higher.

After spending some time in the playground we headed out into the park itself, Hyde Park has some beautiful avenues and the Serpentine makes a beautiful backdrop for photographs as well as providing a great opportunity to feed the ducks. The girls loved finding the old tree stumps to jump off and the daisies growing everywhere were soon gathered to make daisy chains. We tried to make fire with sticks, an age old activity that children always love, sometimes I worry that one day we will be successful and everyone would be taken by surprise but I think it’s unlikely, luckily!

Then towards the end of our session the girl’s father came to join and we were able to take some family photographs that I know the family will treasure. The girls loved running around chasing their dad and I had a brilliant time photographing this lovely happy family having a wonderful holiday together.

I hope you will enjoy looking at the pictures and do get in touch if you would like to arrange your own family photography session for this summer, dates are booking up fast and it would be great to hear from you.

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Family Photography while on vacation in London

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