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Photographing Teenagers in Kensington


Family Photography with Teenagers

On the blog today I’m thrilled to be sharing a family photo shoot with teenagers in beautiful Kensington.  This was my fourth photo shoot with this lovely family and such a pleasure to see them again and to catch up on all the news.  Time has flown by since our first photo shoot back in 2011 and it’s always a different type of session when photographing teenagers rather than toddlers.  It’s just as much fun though and the quality of the piano playing has certainly improved from when I first photographed the children sat at the beautiful grand piano over a decade ago.  They are such a talented bunch and a real pleasure to spend the morning with them taking family and portrait photographs.

When photographing teenagers I like to combine a family walk with some shots that record hobbies and interests. Teenagers have such passions for the things they enjoy whether that’s sport or reading, cello or Lego (or both in this case). I love to think that these images will be looked back on when they are adults and some of these interests may well be with them for the rest of their lives – certainly I hope their enjoyment of music will continue into adulthood

We had a lovely walk in Kensington Gardens and thankfully it wasn’t particularly cold.  This winter has had some lovely warm days so far and so the mild weather meant we could explore the park to our hearts content.  The dog loved having a long walk too and was keen to make sure they were in lots of the family photos.

After our walk we headed home and took some pictures indoors, utilising the stunning Kensington home and recording the children’s hobbies and interests.  I love how images from different shoots will fit together and I am so excited to be adding to the collection of family albums that document their lives together.

I hope you enjoy this selection of images from my recent family photography session with teenagers in Kensington, West London. If you would like to learn more about my photography with teenagers or arrange a family photo shoot for your family this year then please do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.