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Family portrait photographer in South London


Today on the blog, I’m delighted to share some more images from Alex’s recent family photography shoot in South London. It was a great morning taking in both Sydenham Woods and Dulwich Park, two fabulous – and very different locations – for family photography. It was my second shoot with the family and I was so thrilled to be invited back – we’d had such a lovely time on our first shoot (do take a look at some of the pictures on the blog here) and it was great to catch-up with everyone.

It was a damp morning when I arrived in South London but we headed out regardless; I’m a firm believer in ignoring drizzle and hoping it will go away, which it usually does and certainly did for this photo shoot. We headed to Sydenham Woods, which I had never been to before and it was just amazing – really beautiful, mature woodland right in the middle of South London. Growing up in nearby Blackheath, I’m surprised that my parents never took us there as children and it was a wonderful discovery to make with Alex and her family.

Woodland is perfect for photography if it is a drizzly day, as the soft light when it is a bit damp works so well in the trees. Trees also provide that bit of cover needed to hold-off the dampness and I love that feeling of wandering through the woods with the quiet pitter-patter of occasional raindrops up above, the soft light, and that feeling of the world washed clean. Just wonderful.

I love the variety of things we can capture in the woods, too – there are always trees to climb, sticks to wield, dens to build and – in the case of Sydenham Woods – the amazing old ruined building to climb on. We had a wonderful time and did a full circuit of the woods.

Then we decided that, as the rain was drying-up, a different location would be good. I’m always happy to go to more than one place on a photo shoot as it’s fun for the children to mix things up a bit – it always keeps them interested and enjoying themselves, and it also provides great variety to the images which I like.

For the second part of our shoot, we jumped into the car and went to Dulwich Park for some more family photographs. It’s been a while since I’ve visited Dulwich Park for a photo shoot, but I do love it as a location – not least because it seems to have the tamest wildlife. The ducks always seem keen to chat on the bridge, and the squirrels were coming right up to us in a quest for food. We had a great time exploring the undergrowth, feeding the squirrels, climbing trees and eating ice cream – all the ingredients for a perfect family photography shoot.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the day, I do hope you will enjoy them. If you would be interested in arraigning a photo shoot for your own family, do get in touch – it would lovely to hear from you.

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