Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Family photography in Putney, South West London


I first met Kristina and her wonderful family back in 2007 and our annual autumn photo shoots are something I look forward to each year, as they are always such fun. Each year we try to vary the location for our children and family photography session – we’ve been to Richmond and we've been to Wimbledon; we’ve stayed at home, and gone out and about; we photographed on days with the most incredible winter light, and we’ve photographed on days when it has poured with rain. We’ve captured, over the years, a really lovely record for the children that I am sure they will really appreciate when they have grown up. The older I get myself, the more I value the photographs of me and my family that I have taken or had taken over the years.

This year we jumped in the car and headed down to the river in Putney to a park that the children visit regularly. It was a great spot for children and family photography and I was absolutely over the moon when I spotted the most incredible avenue of trees down by the river – truly a photographer's dream and the backdrop I chose for some formal family photographs.

As well as some formal group shots for the family's Christmas card, we captured some fun pictures as the children played and enjoyed themselves – it’s always important to mix-up the staged family shots with lots of fun playing for the children, or they quickly get bored.

We also explored down by the River Thames and looked at the houseboats, which were really incredible and so different to those I used to run by each day in Cambridge – some of these house boats were enormous, more like river castles than houseboats!

Then we headed back home for a snack and to take some pictures with Grandma and Granddad, who had come over for some pictures but who didn’t fancy the idea of walking too far. We captured some lovely shots of the children with their grandparents and, because it would be madness not to, some shots of the children on the trampoline – always a favorite of mine.

It was such a fun session as always and I’m thrilled to bits with the pictures. I hope you will enjoy looking at them, some of my favourites from our children and family photography session in Putney, South West London.

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