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Just One – Melanie – Family photography in Suffolk


I had such a lovely time in Suffolk with Melanie and her family this week. It was one of those days when everything falls into place. When I awoke very early in the morning, the rain was pounding down and as I stood at the station in Crouch End, the weather was pretty miserable. But one drowsy change and the train to Suffolk later, I woke up to bright sunlight! I couldn’t believe it! The weather in the Suffolk countryside was just so much nicer.

Melanie provided the much needed coffee and then we headed out into the family’s beautiful garden to explore and take photographs of the children and family altogether. We had such a great time on our shoot and there will be plenty more pictures on the blog very soon. For today though, here’s ‘Just one’, a family shot which I love.

I’m a really big fan of gates as a spot for family pictures – it’s lovely to get the children raised up bit and who can’t help but smile when sitting on a gate? It’s one of those things that (for me, anyway) always raises a grin – I think it’s because it’s just slightly precarious! I asked the family to squidge together and then used the lovely overhanging trees to frame them and add a really lovely, interesting dimension to the image. You can see the rest of the garden going on for miles in the background and if you look carefully, the roof of the house just visible through the trees, anchoring the picture at home, in the garden, in a place so special to Melanie and her family.

I love this picture with the children so close and the parents so happy, protective and proud. I do hope you enjoy it too and I look forward to sharing some more pictures very soon.

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