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West London family photo shoot with grandparents


Fun filled family photography session in Chiswick and Kew

Some sessions fill me with joy from the moment they are booked in and this family are always a total joy as you will see from the images – they just burst with laughter, love, and the exuberance of this wonderful family.

We’ve been working together since the twins newborn session back in 2017 and each year our shoots have been better than the year before, each year an absolute joy as they grow up and become such feisty hilarious young girls.  Stylish too, they always look fantastic, and I love how their beautiful outfits add an extra dimension to our photo shoots.

Kew Gardens

For this session we went to beautiful Kew Gardens which is one of my favourite locations for family portrait photography as it’s’ so beautiful there, and also so varied. 

You could photograph families in Kew every day for a year and I don’t think you would ever take the same photo twice, each day is a new adventure and letting sessions be child led means we get to look at different bits of the gardens each time.

With shady patches and open spaces, wonderful indoor ares and the coolest playground going – which was particularly joyful during members early opening when we were the only people there – Kew is a brilliant place to play and a brilliant place for family photos.


I love to incorporate games into my photo shoot as the most important thing is that everyone has fun. If the kids are enjoying themselves then the parents will enjoy themselves and it will be laughter for all.  If we just look at the camera then everyone gets bored very quickly which is no fun for anyone.

So running around, chasing, playing What’s the time Mr Wolf, hide and seek, clapping games, all the things that little ones love to do, we do them all and we’re rewarded with joyful photographs that everyone will love

Grandparents on family photo shoots

One of the things I love most about my annual photo shoots with this lovely family is that the grandparents join us and bring an extra element of joy to the day. They are a total delight and it’s so nice to catch up each year and to see the incredible bonds they have with their twin granddaughters. Relationships like this are special and to be treasured, which they are by this lovely family

Pictures at home

When everyone got tired  we headed home for a bit of a change of scene. Even when we have gone somewhere as wonderful as Kew it can be nice to do some pictures at home too. A change of scene always results in an energy boost and that can add a new set of images to the shoot. Here we could have stopped when we left Kew, we had lots of lovely pictures, but I’m always keen to do as many different things as possible to give my clients as much variety in their images and so home pictures were a treat.

We played cards – hilarious to see how competitive everyone was – and did some brilliant dancing in the garden. All three generations had some excellent dance moves resulting in some hilarious photographs.

All the fun of the fair

We finished our photo shoot with a few pictures at the local fun fair because the kids were asking to visit as a treat after the photo shoot – after the photo shoot! why not during the photo shoot? I love a fun fair and the carousel always results in brilliant pictures and the girls wowed me with their prowess on the bungee jumps too. 

What a fabulous day from start to finish. I can’t wait for next year!

Book your family photo shoot now

If you would like to book a session for your family this year then do get in touch. I only have space for one more photo shoot in September and October is booking up fast too. Drop me a line via the contact form and we can plan a wonderful day for your family.