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Wimbledon Common for Family Photos


Why I love Wimbledon for Family Photos

I spent a wonderful morning photographing Jennifer and her family on Wimbledon Common recently.  Wimbledon is one of my favourite places in London to take pictures – I love the wild woodland, there is so much to do and it’s so beautiful.  The woods provide a fantastic backdrop for photos.

I often suggest Wimbledon as a location as I know we will have a great time and also, while you do need a permit to photograph there, they are so easy to get.  Then you have the run of the common, walking down sunlit tree lined paths or running about in the glorious open spaces.

Wimbledon common is so well maintained while keeping its wild feel. There are tree trunks to climb on and the beautiful lake which makes a perfect backdrop.  The children love exploring as there are wonderful things to find in every direction.

It’s also a great spot for the imagination and for learning about nature, we can look at the different trees and try to work out what might live where, from foxes and rabbits to the Wombles and the Gruffalo.  It’s a big place, I love the idea of all the animals, real and imaginary, happily living together in harmony and we can weave stories together to delight the children and create magical games

The world of the imagination is a wonderful place for photography and Wimbledon is a perfect spot to open up that world.

A brilliant day taking pictures together

We had a brilliant day and covered a lot of ground exploring far and wide.  We played an amazing game of hide and seek in the bracken which was almost taller than the children giving them a definite unfair advantage over the adults, but we did our best, crouching among the leaves as the children sought us out.

Because I love a natural feel to my pictures then playing games is such an integral part of all my photo shoots. The children relax and we get lovely natural smiles and wonderful expressions of excitement.  Then it’s easy to pull everyone together for a quick group shot before moving on to another game.

This way the photo shoot keeps moving and we get a wonderful selection of images as a result – great family group shots, lovely pictures of the children together and all the beautiful individual portraits.

I’m a strong believer that there is a place for all these types of shot in a family photography session, that they are all important and all complement each other to tell the story of the day.  When put together in one of our beautiful albums they remain a stunning record of the day and also of this time in the children’s lives, what they loved to do and how they loved to play together.

It’s such a fun way to take pictures and Wimbledon is a lovely place to do so.  If you want to find out more about photo shoots in Wimbledon or about my family photography in general, then do take a look around the site or give me a call for more information.