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Winter Family Photography Session in Fulham


Incredible weather for a Fulham family photography session

We had the most spectacular weather for our family photo shoot in Fulham this December. We missed the snow days, and the rain days, we had the solo warm and dry day, and it was glorious.

Photographing toddlers is always a joyful experience as little ones are so full of energy, rushing from thing to thin, and from place to place, always in a hurry to find something new. I love how toddlers rush off then look back, as if to say, ‘hurry up, there are adventures to be had’.  When they are carrying a cuddly bear then it’s even cuter as they lead the way and we adults rush behind trying to catch up.

Toddler sessions are child led, working around the things that little ones want to do as well as nap times, and snack times, to ensure a fun day for everyone. Working to their routine always has brilliant results.

Starting early for a fun day out

As always, I arrived early, and we spent a bit of time indoors before heading out to make the best of the weather. In the winter you take the sunshine where you can and so, stopping for coffee on the way, we headed to the bus stop.  I love the in-between moments on a day, walking from place to place, jumping on a bus, grabbing a bite to eat, they sometimes result in wonderful pictures. This picture from the alleyway to the coffee shop is a favourite from the day and will have so many memories attached as it’s clearly a regular routine. I love the leading lines and the fact that it’s just us there in the alleyway, the little one turning around to encourage her daddy to catch us up as he pushes the buggy piled high with all the things we need for the day ahead.

Family photography at the Bishops Palace in Fulham

Once we arrived at the Bishops Palace in Fulham, we headed straight for the walled garden which is a lovely spot for photos. I really enjoy seeing London’s parks and open spaces in different seasons as I travel around London taking family photos and it’s amazing the difference a few weeks make. The planting frame makes creates a wonderful composition for a picture of our little subject as she, again, leads the way ahead.

Of course, I’m not always trailing behind, as I can move pretty fast even when weighed down by cameras and I often find myself rushing ahead so I can capture the energy of the children as they rush towards me as in this picture which is so full of joy and energy.

Finding different backgrounds and different opportunities

One of the things I find most rewarding about my work is finding different opportunities for pictures. I love to look for different backgrounds, maybe some trees for a family group shot or a lighter background on which a darker coat will stand out. I love assessing the light and working with it to create images with different looks. We can take these three family portraits, a group shot looking at the camera, a picture of the little one on the swing, both parents clearly in frame and the bonds of laughter between them clear, or the shot of the family walking home along the river, low light, shadows, and silhouettes but so evocative of time and place They are all so different and all so lovely recording different aspects of the family life together in beautiful images to treasure.

Portraits, action shots, images at play

I love variety in my family pictures and so this shoot in Fulham was a joy for me. Such a lovely family, so much fun and so much laughter, and we did so much, fitting around naps and snacks to make the best of the day. This is often the way with little ones, short bursts of photography and then a break of some sort. Taking the time means everything is really relaxed and the quality of the images really shines through.

We finished at home for a few pictures indoors and I love the different mood to the images from the concentration of drawing, the absorption of looking out the window and the hilarious little face as she puts on her Christmas hat.

There are so many pictures I love from this shoot, it was a joy from start to finish.  It’s been hard to select just a few for the blog today but I hope you will enjoy looking at them. I can’t wait to share the full selection with this lovely in the coming weeks.

Until then, Merry Christmas to you all, and I wish you all a healthy and happy 2023.