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A List of Recent Podcast Appearances

As a family photographer it’s always a pleasure to be a guest on a Podcast and I’ve been on a few this past year talking about my portrait photography work.  It seems strange to think that before the pandemic I wasn’t used to setting up in my dining room to record interviews, webinars, or videos. It’s become such a familiar thing now to drape soundproofing blankets over lighting stands, set up my computer and webcam, charge up the microphone.  I feel privileged to have been invited to share my work and my experience in so many different formats and for so many different audiences here in the UK and around the world over this last year.

It’s always fascinating to see what questions people ask me and which areas of my family photography work they want to explore.  Sometimes I’ve been discussing working with children, other times my black and white style, while there have also been interviews that focus on the technical side where I’ve talked about working with particular cameras and lenses.

I thought it might be nice for those of you who are interested to have a list of recent podcasts in one place so if you would like to hear more interviews you can find them easily. I’ll aim to update this blog post periodically as new interviews are recorded.

Quiet Landscapes with Margaret Soraya

I’ve been lucky enough to know Margaret for many years, we met at a wedding photography convention near the beginning of our careers, probably at least fifteen years ago.  Since then, we have grown our careers and found and developed our own distinct photographic niches.  I now specialise in black and white family portraiture while Margaret is a landscape photographer and tour leader with an emphasis on mindful photography and helping people to develop their creativity.  This podcast focuses on my use of black and white and also working with light and how a love of landscape photography influences my portrait work.

Shutter Stories

I’ve been pleased to be part of a number of episodes of Shutter Stories’, the Canon Podcast, alongside many of my fellow Canon brand ambassadors. It’s always such a joy to be part of the show, whether that’s launching new cameras or, in the most recent episode I was interviewed for, discussing the use of AI technology in digital cameras.

The FujiCast Podcast

As a brand ambassador for Canon it was a pleasure to be invited onto the FujiCast podcast (which, despite it’s name does cater for all photographers, not just users of Fuji cameras).  We discussed my use of black and white and how I developed my style and my business to become one of the most sought after family photographers in the country.

Shoot. Edit. Chat. Repeat

Shoot. Edit. Chat. Repeat has become a huge hit with family photographers. Vicki and Eddie have builta community around their popular podcast with a busy social media presence and in person events.  Having known them for years I was thrilled when they invited me to appear on the podcast talking about running my family photography business.

I’m sure there will be many more in the future and I’ll make sure to share those with you as and when they go online.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy listening to these and getting an insight into my work and my philosophy of natural family portrait photography.