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Fun and relaxed Children’s Photography in Blackheath, London SE3, SE10 and SE13

Read on to find out more about my fun and relaxed children’s photography in Blackheath. I grew up in Blackheath so it’s my absolute favourite place for family photo shoots.  I get to visit my childhood home and photograph children playing in so many of the same places I loved to go as a child – Blackheath, Greenwich Park, Oxleas Woods to name a few.  That whole area around SE3, SE10 and SE13 feels like home. Read on to find out more about what I offer for children’s photography in Blackheath.

What makes a great family photo

It’s pictures that really capture this spirit of home that I will take for you and your family.  I love the idea that photographs are a portal into our memories, a snapshot in time, that can transport us back to a place and to people that we love.  These pictures, these memories, that we will create for your children will be something that they can treasure for years to come.

When looking at great family photography it’s lovely to focus on what makes a picture really special – pictures taken at a favourite park or at home, inside or in the garden can transport us straight back to our childhoods.

An image with a special connection can be equally powerful, looking at a photograph of children laughing together, deep belly laughs from a shared joke or the excitement of a boisterous game. These real expressions rather than ‘cheese grins’ truly pull on the heart-strings.  This is what I can offer you from my relaxed and fun children’s photography in Blackheath.

How your family photography session in Blackheath will work

I love emotion in an image – love, joy, happiness, tenderness.  Over the course of a morning, photographing in a documentary style, I will produce pictures that will contain a myriad of different feelings.  With over nineteen years’ experience you can be completely confident that I will provide you with a beautiful, and varied set of images from your children’s photography in Blackheath.  I will take family shots and pictures of your children together, action shots, games and activities.  Because we have plenty of time there’s no rush and we have time to make sure your images are truly special rather than cookie cutter poses and fake smiles.

We spend a whole morning together, we can play at home or go out or a mixture of the two.  Often, we’ll do part of the session indoors and part outside to give you the best variety to your images.  The many beautiful homes in Blackheath are such wonderful locations for family photography and the parks are all stunning.  It really is my favourite area in the whole of London for children’s and family photography.

If your child still has a mid-morning nap we can work around them – making sure they are happy and well rested for the whole shoot.  There’s time to break for snacks when necessary and it’s often lovely to mix up outdoor boisterous activities with some indoor quiet time.  Have a think – is there a favourite chair where you snuggle up as a family to read books? If so, let’s take a picture of it, let’s make sure we provide pictures that are full of memories.


Helen is the most incredible photographer; every time we meet with her she delights us with the warmest, most evocative family photos that we will treasure forever. She is also one of the most fun people to spend a day with, and up for all sorts of adventures and exploits! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking a really top-class family photographer.


Find out more

My website is full of all the information you need to decide if I’m the right photographer for you – there are hundreds of pictures in the portfolio galleries and thousands of posts on the blog spanning back over a decade so you can be completely confident in my professional ability and also, I believe, the expressions will speak for themselves, you can be completely confident that you will have a brilliant time along the way.

I love photographing families and Blackheath is my favourite place to take these portraits so please do get in touch if you like what you see and we can plan your family photo shoot.  I hope to meet you soon.