Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Crouch End Family Portrait Photographer N8


I had the most wonderful time photographing Lucas recently at his home in Crouch End. Lucas' home is stunning, a beautiful house with wonderful light and incredible interior design. I'm so lucky to visit such incredible homes when photographing children and families. The kitchen area was fantastic for photographs with white cabinets bouncing light around and providing fabulous leading lines in interesting compositions.

Lucas was fantastic, really friendly and very keen to show me his wonderful arrays of cars, trucks and fire engines, all of which he raced around the floor with intense concentration. I loved photographing him.

As is often the way, particularly on shoots where it's raining outdoors, we worked our way around the house, keeping things interesting by finding different areas to play in and enjoying different games in different rooms. We had a lovely time taking family photographs in Lucas's bedroom – incorporating his wallpaper with the 'Crouch End Fox' into the images. Little details like this will bring back so many memories – think back to your childhood bedroom, what wallpaper did you have? And what other things can you remember? Details and days, things you did and games you played. All these little details transport us back to earlier times – it's the power of photography.

I love the pictures we took in the attic room and even in the guest bathroom, which had fabulous light. The directional illumination, combined with the compositional repetition of the stripes on Lucas's top and the detail of the radiator made for really interesting photographs, images that are completely unique.

Towards the end of the morning as the rain began to abate and we felt it was necessary to get some fresh air we decided to head out to nearby Priory Park. I love Priory Park, it's always our go-to destination when we have friends with kids staying and it's a great location. For such a small space it has a really great variety of backdrops for photographs.

We started off playing in the trees and then headed around to the playground. I love how waterproof kids are, completely oblivious to the weather, happy to play in rain or shine. Lucas had brought some cars with him and had a great time racing them down the slide and driving them along the climbing frames. He had a brilliant time on the swings and I took some of my favourite shots of the day as he swung higher and higher.

We finished with splash in the giant puddle – the empty paddling pool outside the cafe. While theoretically empty for winter it had still managed to amass a certain amount of water at the bottom, which was brilliant for running through and splashing. It was a wonderful way to finish the photo shoot and then with a tired, happy, and rather wet little boy we all headed home for a cup of tea. Perfect!

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