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Family Photography in South Kensington – Now and Then


The benefits of regular family photo shoots

We had a brilliant time on my recent family photography session in South Kensington.  This was my second shoot with Sarah and her family and it was wonderful to see everyone again.  As regular readers will know this is my favourite thing about my job, seeing families year on year and recording the children growing up.  This time of year is particularly fun as I have so many regular clients come back for autumn sessions. This sneak preview was from my second photo shoot with Sarah’s family in South Kensington while this weekend I saw a different family for our fifteenth photo shoot, it really is amazing.

We had such a brilliant time taking pictures in South Kensington, both at the park and indoors and it’s been very hard to choose a Just One.  I was drawn to this one though as it has such echoes of last year’s shot (also posted below). While I don’t actively try to repeat shots session after session sometimes in the nature of the shoot I take a picture that reminds me of one we did before, and it can be so lovely to compare and see the changes that a year makes.

When the children are young a year is such a long time and while the mischievous smiles have remained the same, Elliott in particular has grown so much.  From a super smiley baby last year, he’s now an active twenty month old keen to explore and play with his big brother. getting two active children to sit for a moment is no mean feat but worth it for a beautiful shot like this one.

It’s interesting to see the difference in the weather too, a year and four weeks apart this year the shoot looks incredibly summery, I bet I’m not the only one hoping this warm weather continues.

The boys are such a pleasure to photograph and we had such a brilliant time playing so many games from hide and seek to a recycling-based card game back at home (I do love an educational game), we jumped on the bed and read storybooks, it was all such fun. I always enjoy sessions where we do so many things as each activity will have memories for the children when they grow up. Making sure to record all their favourite things in photographs is a wonderful thing to do and, as the children grow and gain new hobbies we can create a wonderful document of their childhood year on year, what an amazing gift for them to have as adults.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s sneak preview from this family photography session in South Kensington. Do get in touch if you would like to arrange your own family photography shoot before Christmas.  Spaces are very limited, but I’ll do my best to fit you in and it would be lovely to hear from you and plan your family’s photo shoot.