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Family Photography Session on Wimbledon Common


Two sneak peeks as I couldn’t choose my favourite

Wimbledon Common is one of my favourite places for family photograph sessions and so I was thrilled when we booked in our photo shoot and got our permit to shoot there. It’s a beautiful spot and at its best in the glorious autumn – it was a wonderful backdrop for my recent family photography session with Liz and her amazing family.

Liz had been given my name by a friend whose family I had photographed last year. It’s always lovely to be recommended and I love to meet the friends of my wonderful clients, I know I will have a brilliant time. We spent a fantastic morning together. After a Tetris game of rescheduling which seems to have been the theme of 2020 as we avoided rainstorms and changes in restrictions, we were rewarded for our patience by a beautiful autumn day. One of those clear bright days where the low sun gives everything an ethereal glow. It was warm too so we didn’t’ need to be wrapped up in too many layers as we spent a morning exploring the woods in this family photography session on Wimbledon Common.

We played so many games, climbed so many trees, I learnt a new pirate song and came home with a pocket full of acorns which I am now trying to germinate to grow in my acorn vase. The kids were brilliant so fun and so incredibly expressive, the pictures are wonderful and have kept me smiling all week as I work on them.

I’ve chosen two images for my sneak peek today as I simply couldn’t choose between them. A family shot and a picture of the kids together. There were so many others I could have chosen, it’s one of my favourite shoots of the year this delightful family photography session on Wimbledon Common.

I chose the family shot as it seemed to sum the family up so well. Laughing, running, playing together. Great expressions on both the kids as they enjoy the game of chase. I panned the picture to get a feel for the speed of the game, running ahead, changing my settings and then waiting for the family to run past moving my camera with their movement and using a slow shutter speed to capture the blurred background while retaining sharp focus on the little boy’s face. It’s worked so well a perfect picture from our family photography session on Wimbledon Common.

The second image I love for the moment and for their delightful facial expressions. The children share a fruit leather and I love their looks of delight as you can see them both thinking ‘can I get all of this into my mouth if I just eat fast enough’. Currently Charlotte is feeding her end in as fast as she can but it wont take long before her big brother has snaffled the lot, you can see him thinking it as he raises his hand to pull the sweet towards him. It’s such a perfect moment of sibling interaction, and the laughter on their faces is so cute to see.

Pictures like these make me smile and I’m sure they will make the family smile now and the kids smile when they look back on them as adults. They are just the kind of shots I could imagine printed and pinned to a board in a student bedroom and then hung on the wall when the children are adults, pictures to laugh over with their own children sometime in the future.

I hope you like them as much as I do, these sneak peeks from a recent family photography session on Wimbledon Common.  For more information about my family photography do explore the website.