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Newborn Photographer Brockley SE4


Natural Newborn Photography at Home in Brockley

I was thrilled to visit Brockley to photograph this beautiful newborn baby.  I’ve always enjoyed photographing newborn babies in my client’s homes and gardens and so I travel all over London for photo shoots.  For my clients it ensures a really relaxed session as they have everything they need on hand and can easily refuel with tea and cake if we need a break.  But also, and most importantly, it gives the images a sense of place. This newborn session took place at Jess’ parent’s house in Brockley, the house she grew up in and so it was a lovely spot to photograph her own baby for his first ever photo shoot.

We spent a morning together in Brockley photographing Jess’s newborn baby son, taking beautiful portraits and also lovely family shots with both parents and grandparents.  It’s always such a pleasure to have grandparents involved in a family photo shoot, even if it’s just for a few shots, as these pictures will be treasured so much when the little ones are grown up.

Using natural light in the house we took a variety of different shots from stunning backlit silhouettes to creative portraits using a tilt-shift lens, the results are wonderful.

I enjoyed choosing a single image for this sneak preview – I love to share a single image from a photo shot soon after we have taken the pictures so my clients can get a feel for the work while I’m processing the full selection of images. I like to choose image that I feel really sum up the day and which will also inspire regular readers on the blog, both past clients and the many photographers who enjoy looking at my work when I share it.

I chose this picture as I feel it’s a little unusual for a newborn image. Many newborn pictures are, of course, taken indoors where we can control the environment and the temperature – at this time of year we couldn’t have bought the baby outside unless he was wrapped up warm and yet it’s lovely to have shots of the little ones wearing a nappy (with a cover) or a little white vest, something which shows how small they are. Outside he was wrapped up and yet I think we can still see easily how tiny and new he is.

I love his peaceful look as he snoozes in Jess’s arms and I love her expression as she leans down and kisses her baby son, breathing him in with that look of absolutely pure love. Her hair has fallen so perfectly, framing her eye, I couldn’t have arranged that if I had tried. I love Andy’s expression too as he embraces his family, a unit together they are lost in the moment as I took this family photograph.

I also love the environment of the garden; spring is in the air and the new buds and spring blooms are evident framing the family in this shot.

This was taken on the incomparable new Canon EOS R and the RF 50mm f1.2L lens, which is one of the most amazing pieces of equipment I’ve ever used. There is a quality to this lens that’s difficult to describe but it’s wonderful with lovely sharp focus and a softness to the bokeh in the out of focus areas that is beautiful to behold.  The equipment we use as professional photographers is expensive but worth every penny when it allows us to produce images like this one.

I hope you like this newborn baby photograph. If you are interested in learning more about my work as a newborn photographer in Brockley SE4 then do take a look at the newborn page on the website or browse my newborn portfolio where you can see a variety of images taken both indoors and outside. If you like what you see and would like to arrange your own newborn photography session either in Brockley or elsewhere in London then do drop me a message via the contact form or give me a call on 0345 603 1373 and we can plan the perfect newborn photography session for your family.