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Embracing the Unexpected in Family Photographs

I’m always so thrilled when I’m booked to photograph a newborn baby and they have older siblings.  Newborns are so fantastic to photograph, so tiny, so sweet, and so peaceful and yet older children add a level of unpredictability and chaos that I really enjoy.  It’s such a momentous week for older children, the new baby arriving home and all the excitement of getting to know their new sibling, it’s a real privilege to document these early days of their relationship in my non-cheesy newborn and family photography style.  I knew I would be in for a treat when I arrived at Chelsea’s home and was greeted by her son carrying his tiny baby sister.

We had the most wonderful morning.  The older children were simply incredible, so thrilled with their new baby brother and so keen to hold him and keep him entertained.  Baby Wesley was incredibly chilled out, being passed between his parents and his siblings, he looked up at the world with curiosity.  It was a dream of a shoot and I have so many lovely pictures.

It’s always hard to choose a single image to share as a sneak peek but this picture really caught my attention.  It’s just what I look for, a non-cheesy newborn photo and a family group shot with a difference.

I tend to take at least some of my newborn pictures on the bed in the parent’s bedroom, it’s a nice big space and a good spot for portraits of the little one where they can be photographed safely.  It’s also a great spot for family groups as everyone can snuggle in together and relax.

What I love about shots like this is that it’s taken on a life of its own.  We started by taking a family group shot and then the children decided to make it more interesting. This image has transcended what I had in mind and become something so much greater.

I never think up things like this, the most exciting and imaginative shots always come from the kids and what they choose to do without prompting and this is why I love them so much. This newborn and family portrait is so full of personality, we can see what a fun-loving family this is, how much love and laughter they share and how they enjoy the moment, seeing the humour in everything.

It was such a pleasure to take baby Wesley’s newborn portrait photographs and to meet his big brother and sister who were such great fun.  I’m so pleased with all the beautiful and non-cheesy newborn photographs and I hope that you will like today’s sneak peek as much as I do.

If you are considering booking me as a newborn photographer then I hope you like what you see.  To find out more information about my non-cheesy London newborn photography then please do take a look on the website or drop me an email or give me a call.  I’d love to hear from you.