Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Primrose Hill and Regents Park Family Portrait Photographer


It’s always been such a pleasure photographing Laszlo on our annual photo shoots, a highpoint of my calendar for the last five years. We have always had such a brilliant time, exploring new areas and having adventures in North London while I take photographs. This year we went to Primrose Hill and Regents Park and it was a perfect spot for family photographs.

As always with our photo shoots we start the day on the bus – having no car in London means that Elke and Peter are masters of buses and we always whiz around from one place to another with military efficacy. I don’t have a car either so I love this use of public transport and it often results in some fun pictures as we find our way to whichever wonderful location has been chosen. In previous years we have been to Paddington Basin, Regents Park, even one of London’s fabulous museums when we were hit with torrential rain one year.

This year we had great weather and so the choice of location was perfect. Primrose Hill has one of the finest views in North London and I was thrilled when, as Laszlo ran along the top of the hill, the sun broke through the clouds creating crepuscular rays down over London. I was so pleased with the picture of Laszlo running with London in the background, if you look closely you can even see Primrose Hill engraved on the stone flagstones, forever anchoring this photograph to this place.

The main focus of this shoot though seemed to be playing a game of pirates, moving from tree to tree as we avoided sharks and sent each other to walk the plank. It was great fun and Lazslo thought it hilarious sending me into shark infested waters, lucky for me I’m a good swimmer (at least I am in our imaginary world!).

After exhausting that game and also our knowledge of sea shanties we moved to the playground where Lazslo had a great time running around and playing on the different climbing frames. Primrose Hill has a fabulous kids playground, perfect for family photographs.

From here our adventure moved on into wonderful Regents Park and walking part of the way home. We had such a good time and found some incredible wooden sculptures that I hadn’t seen before, the crouching bear was a particular favourite and looking at, and climbing on, these animals made for some wonderful portraits.

We finished with some family photographs and shots of Lazslo with his incredible parker hood over his head, images that make me laugh just to look at them. He has the most incredibly expressive face and one of the most infectious laughs around – the perfect subject for my lens and we had a perfect day.

If you would like to arrange a shoot in Primrose Hill or Regents Park then drop me a line on our contact form and we can get that booked in the diary for you.

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