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Webinar on The Art of Family Photography


Webinar for CVP on Friday 3rd July

In my previous blog post I mentioned some of my recent YouTube videos and, as well as producing those, I have also been writing and presenting a number of webinars for Canon over the past few months.

Webinars are a growth area in photography at the moment, allowing photographers such as myself to teach a wide audience of fellow professional and amateur photographers from our living rooms.

At the beginning of Lockdown Canon realised that helping photographers through this incredibly difficult time was going to be one of its top priorities and so immediately looked for ways to inspire and educate, ways that we could help others to hone their skills and be more creative during lockdown.

I was thrilled to be involved from the very beginning of the project with one of the first videos on Canon Connected where I talked about Family Photography and photographing children in people’s homes. Since then I have produced a second video which you can watch below. This second video was a tutorial on the creative possibilities of shooting with one camera and one lens and has been incredibly successful on Canon’s channel. My two videos together have been viewed over 30K times which is wonderful. I’ve been humbled by the response and the lovely messages I have received from viewers.

As well as the YouTube videos I have also been teaching webinars.  These are lectures – usually around an hour long – delivered over the internet and watched in real time with question and answer sessions. I never expected to spend lockdown with our dining room being transformed into a makeshift film studio with lights, cameras and even a teleprompter set up as standard, but it’s been a lot of fun and I hope that I will continue with this new venture once work gets back to normal.  I really enjoy the process of thinking through my processes and articulating what I do in a way that can help others to improve their family photography work.

My next webinar is this coming Friday 3rd July for CVP Group, a retailer for professional cameras, video cameras and broadcast camcorders. I’ll be talking about the Art of Family Photography and will take the viewers on a journey through some of my favourite pictures focusing on some of the different techniques I use to create my best work.  It’s free to view so if you are interested do sign up, it would be lovely to see you there.