Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Alex’s headshots


It is always a real treat to be commissioned to photograph friends of mine – lots of laughs and a great chance to catch up over a couple of hours of photo shoot. As usual with my headshot work there was no particular plan in terms of location, we met in central london and took a walk to see what we could find. I like to do things differently each shoot so while I may have a few ideas tucked up my sleeve I like to explore different areas depending on the light and the mood. We had a lovely time in the park and down on the southbank before evening drew in and we had to take shelter from the dark and the encroaching rain. I have so many favorites from this shoot it has been hard to choose just a few – still, I get another chance to photograph Alex later in the year as she is bridesmaid for her sisters wedding which I am photographing. I can’t wait…

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