Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Headshot and PR photography in Greenwich, South East London


As a London-based portrait photographer, I am often asked to capture a series of headshot portraits for business PR purposes and I was thrilled when Simon (whose family I had recently photographed) arranged a shoot for some business headshots. We arranged to meet in Greenwich Park, which one of my favorite locations for all types of photography – family, children, headshots and PR, and convieniently close to my parents’ house so I could pop in for supper afterwards (always a bonus!).

It was a great day for our shoot – we had soft, interesting light and Greenwich Park has a lot of great overhead shade, which makes for fabulous catchlights in a publicity photograph or headshot. We spent a happy hour walking, talking and taking pictures, avoiding too long in each burst in front of the camera to avoid the ‘rabbit in headlights’ effect that can occur if you spend too long staring into the lens.

Here are some of my favoitie shots – I hope you like them from our recent headshot PR publicity photo shoot in Greenwich, South London.

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