Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Headshot Photographer in Crouch End N8


This year I have been shooting an increasing number of headshots in my home studio here in Crouch End. Offering an affordable session for adults who need a great photo for use at work, on social media or just as a gift for their parents (it’s one of those things that children are photographed so often and yet once we become adults we don’t have so many professional pictures taken and it’s a gift that parents always love).

Keeping sessions short, about half an hour, and working with some different backgrounds in my home and garden I can produce a lovely selection of images for my clients to choose from.

When Anita arrived it was a stunning evening so, as well as a few shots indoors we also utilized my little garden, the evening light providing beautiful flattering illumination for these stunning portraits.

If you are an actor in Crouch End, Highgate or Muswell Hill and you are looking for a new headshot for your Spotlight Page, or someone in need of a new profile picture for LinkedIn, or you would just like a really great portrait for Facebook and your family and friends then give me a call and we can arrange a time for you to visit me in Crouch End for your portrait photography session.

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