Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Headshot Photographer in Crouch End, North London


Years ago Fiona’s children had attended the nursery school run by my mother in the basement of our family home, their pictures had been taken by my older brother before I took over the nursery photography business that we both ran during our teenage years and where I cut my teeth as a children’s portrait photographer. It was so lovely that, when she thought to get some headshots taken, she got in touch with me and arranged to visit my Crouch End Studio to update her business portrait photographs.

Fiona runs her own business and so needed a professional headshot that she could use on her company website and across any social media platforms that she uses. She told me in advance how much she disliked having her picture taken and so it was my pleasure to make the session so much fun that Fiona had a great time and told me she will be much more happy in front of the camera in the future. My feeling is that everyone looks great in photographs if they are photographed well, but so many of us are only photographed on phones, often at the end of an evening in poor light and with little thought to the composition, even Kate Moss doesn’t look good in those circumstances. But with a little thought to light and angle, to composition and to position, all of us can have a picture that we are pleased with and proud to use as our public face on the world of social media and our business web presence.

Years of experience as a specialist portrait photographer means you can be completely confident that I will take portrait photographs of you that you will love and that I will make the whole experience relaxed and fun. Fiona was thrilled with her headshot photographs and you will be too if you book me to provide you with a portrait photograph you will love.

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