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Headshot photography in Crouch End N8


With so much of our personal and professional lives taking place online it is becoming increasingly important to have a good portrait profile picture that you can use across different media. So today on the blog I’m pleased to share a recent portrait taken in Crouch End in North London.

I can help you with a relaxed portrait, a picture that will reflect you at your very best, and that you will be proud to show across all your different accounts. Images can be used on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, for your actor Spotlight photos or for the website of your work.

My outdoor, on location, headshots are taken out and about in Crouch End and are a lovely experience even if you are not completely comfortable in front of the camera. Many people explain that they don’t particularly like having their pictures taken and everyone comments by the end that the whole process is very painless – I like to make it enjoyable. We walk and talk, chatting as we look for the best light on the day. This way the pictures never feel stilted or forced and, best of all, we have a great time. I love how many interesting people I get to meet when out taking portrait photographs from lawyers to authors, actors to small business owners, head teachers to composers, everyone has a use for a good portrait.

The pictures I’m blogging today come from a recent portrait shoot in Alexandra Palace and we had a brilliant time, chatting as we explored the park. The light was absolutely incredible, one of the best days we have had this autumn with a wonderful glow from the low winter sun.

We had such a good time and I’m thrilled with the images. I hope you like them too and do get in touch if you would like to arrange your own headshot portrait photography session in Crouch End.

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