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Highgate Headshot Photography


Catherine contacted me from her home in Highgate after looking online for headshot photographers in North London, she was keen to get some portrait photographs for her business as an osteopath.

We discussed the different options – I offer both indoor and outdoor headshot sessions and decided that some outdoor pictures would suit her best. As a very sporty and outdoorsy person Catherine felt that being outside would be perfect and also she loved the idea of my relaxed sessions that take place over the course of a walk around the park. It’s great to walk and talk as we take pictures as it’s so relaxing, we find a good spot, take a few pictures, move to the next spot, conversation flows and we have a brilliant time. I love it and really enjoy the challenges of looking for good locations and great light.

We had a brilliant time, Catherine was a natural in front of the camera and had bought a few different tops so we were able to get some different moods to the pictures, some more formal and some more relaxed that would be perfect for her sport related activities. If you book a headshot I often recommend bringing a few different tops as what you are wearing can really change the feel of a picture, a crisp shirt compared to a relaxed t-shirt gives a very different look and I’m looking to provide as much variety as possible for my clients to choose from.

In the end Catherine chose three beautiful image and I’m pleased to share those here along with a couple of my favourites so as to really demonstrate the variety of images I aim to produce on one of my outdoor headshot sessions in North London.

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