Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Publicity Headshot Photography Crouch End N8


Aneta chose these three stunning images from her recent headshot portrait photography session at my home studio in Crouch End in North London. Having recently started a new job Aneta needed some new pictures that she could use for press and publicity and I was thrilled to oblige, I had already taken some recent pictures for her new boss and so it was great to keep the ‘house style’ going.

Although initially a little nervous Aneta was a natural in front of the camera and a very grey day gave us beautiful soft light to work with. We tried a variety of different types of backdrops from plain walls and paper backdrops to my small garden (a shallow depth of field creates the beautiful blurred background you can see here and nobody can see the lack of pruning, another little job for when the weather warms up!).

Aneta brought a variety of tops with her so that we could create some different looks and she has chosen one of each as files to purchase. Different looks and different moods can be so useful and I always aim to provide maximum variety for my headshot clients. These images can be used for all Aneta’s PR and publicity needs from the company website to LinkedIn, social media and corporate brochures. I wouldn’t be surprised if one turned up on Facebook too, it’s always so lovely to have a cool new profile picture.

If you like this style of image and would like to book your own headshot session then do get in touch and we can get that in the diary.

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