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Baby London Article on Family Photography


It’s always lovely to be asked to contribute to a magazine article and I was thrilled when Baby London got in touch to ask me to provide them with a picture for a piece on children’s photography. It was even more exciting to see that they chose my image for the opening shot.

Over the years my work has been published in numerous books and magazines as far afield as the United States and China but I never tire of seeing my pictures in print. It’s lovely that magazines really value photography and want to share the different options provided by the top London photographers with their readers. I love that so much prominence is given to black and white family photography as the premier medium for children’s portraits. Black and White has such resonance in family photographs and really stands the test of time.

The image that Baby London has chosen for the opening shot of their article is a case in point, an image that is truly spectacular in Black and White, focusing on the eyelashes of this tiny baby – a beautiful detail that could get lost in a colour image. It has such an emotional pull and I think that is the beauty of black and white; you focus on the content of the image rather than the colour, the expressions rather than the clothes. I hope you like this picture as much as Baby London did; I’m so pleased they placed black and white baby photography at the heart of their article on the best family photographers in London.

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