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Press coverage in local magazines: Crouch End Connections, the Muswell Hill Flyer and the Highgate Handbook


It’s always lovely to be featured in the local press and so we were thrilled when Crouch End Connections, the Muswell Hill Flyer and Highgate Handbook published an article on us recently in their three sister magazines. I love living in North London and really enjoy the Crouch End magazine, which keeps me up-to-date with what is happening in our immediate locality – a thriving and fascinating area of London.

The article in Crouch End Connections focused on the benefits of having regular family photo shoots, creating an incredible document of a child’s upbringing that can be captured in photographs. This includes images that focus on the surface elements – such as how the children look at each age – but also images that capture the essence of the child themselves; nervous excitement and wariness at the arrival of a new brother or sister, the fun of discovering just how much fun it is to have a playmate, the strong bond of siblings, and the pride and happiness of parents. These things are so lovely to capture and so important to have as a grown-up – it’s no surprise that photos are the item most people say they would rescue from a burning house.

At each children’s and family photography session, I capture a wide variety of really wonderful pictures – I don’t aim for just one image of each child, but lots of images with different pictures of the children in different moods as the morning progresses including family shots, action shots and beautiful portraits.

This variety enables me to produce what I believe to be a much more true and accurate depiction of my subjects than I would be able to do in a single image. While there will often be a few really stand-out images that you might like to print really big for the wall – such as a dramatic environmental portrait perfect for a 40″ x 60″ inch print – there will also be a selection of clear, dramatic and beautiful portraits perfect for a collection of smaller frames, and some images of the children playing, interacting and being themselves which work so well to tell stories, capturing the essence of the family at a particular time.

I’m sure it is this variety to my work – how I always go the extra mile, pushing myself to produce something special on each and every shoot – that encourages my clients to return again and again to update their family photographs. We tell a story and that story is of each unique, wonderful and individual child and how they fit into their world and those within it.

These long-term photographic projects entered into with my wonderful clients are the things I am most proud of; the family featured in the article on my children and family photography business in the Crouch End Connection have been photographed by me fifteen times over the past eight years, and the pictures we have capture so many lovely moments in their childhood.

If you would be interested in creating a photographic record for your own family, please browse through the various portfolios on our website such as the family photography portfolio and children’s photography portfolio to see lots of examples of my work – I have worked with more than a thousand families and have over ten years’ experience, so you can be sure that I will capture the very best photographs of you and your children, and that we will all have a lot of fun along the way too.

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