Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Helen featured in the prestigious Photo World magazine


Like everyone, I admit that I love a compliment. It really makes my day to see that people read this Photoblog, follow me on Facebook page. It’s so very kind of you all and I feel really honoured that you enjoy looking at my pictures.

And so when I received an email from China asking if I would be interviewed for an eight-page feature in the prestigious Photo World magazine I was, quite frankly, gobsmacked. It is incredible to me that people the other side of the world are following and enjoying my work on a regular basis. I know I have some readers in America as they have been kind enough to refer me to clients who have moved to the UK, but China? Well, as you can imagine, I was thrilled.

After a number of email exchanges and an online interview process, the article went to print. We have just received a copy of the magazine and here are a few pictures of the article. I love how my photographs have been printed lovely and big over the full eight pages. How exciting that my children’s and family photography has been featured so prominently in such a prestigious international magazine!

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