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Helen Bartlett Photography Interview on Canon Europe


It’s been an exciting start to the year with a lot of fantastic things going on here at Helen Bartlett Photography, not least my continued involvement with Canon. I’m thrilled to share a link today with a recent interview that I did about how I got started in photography.

It seems so long ago but it’s only thirteen years since I bought my first digital camera (a Canon 10D) and set up my business. I find it fun to look back over all the lessons I have learnt – both photographically and from a business point of view and it’s lovely to be able to share a few tips for the next generation of photographers.

I feel so lucky to make my living taking photographs, and I hope that I can inspire others in this challenging but rewarding career.

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It’s also on all the Canon European blogs – how cool is that? I have people reading about me in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, France and many more countries. At this rate 2016 is going to be the best year ever!

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