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Six pages in Professional Imagemaker Magazine


My work is published in Professional Imagemaker Magazine

It’s always lovely to see my family photography work printed in a magazine and so I was thrilled to see my pictures of Poppy printed over six pages in Professional Imagemaker recently.

I’ve been photographing Poppy since she was a week old and over the years we’ve done many fantastic photo shoots. Some shoots have been at the family home, others out and about, exploring some of London’s parks and the woodland near their home. Further still we ventured to Cornwall for a few summer beach sessions and I discovered that I like speedboats a lot more when I’m distracted by taking pictures (I can get seasick on the pedalos in Hyde Park!).

It’s been such a pleasure watching this facinating, confident, beautiful girl grow up and each year I look forward to seeing the family again and catching up on the news. Poppy’s younger brother Edward is also one of my favourite subjects to photograph and one of my most recent pictures of him was my favourite shot of 2017.

The accompanying article went alongside my talk at the SWPP back in January, ‘Finding your Style in Family Photography’ and looked at the importance of following your own path with your photography.

I’ve always been keen to work in black and white because I know from my own experience that these pictures look as good in thirty years’ time as they do today. My pictures of my own childhood hang proudly on my wall and sit happily next to pictures I take of my nieces and nephews today. Timeless images are what it is about for me, pictures that are for the children as well as of the children.

As you can see in this article, by shooting in one style, and not flitting around with fads and fashions, all the pictures we have taken look fantastic when presented together and will, I am sure, look fantastic alongside all the images we are yet to take as Poppy and her brother grow up into the wonderful adults I know they will become.

Here are a few shots of the magazine itself, I hope you enjoy them.