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Family Photography in Geneva Switzerland


I’m thrilled to be sharing a wider selection of images from a fantastic family photography session in sunny Switzerland today. I first met Helen and her family back in 2009 and this was our fourth photo shoot. Previously we had taken pictures at Helen’s family home in Croydon but when she suggested a trip to Geneva to update the portraits of the children I jumped at the chance. It’s so easy to fly to Switzerland and so much fun to photograph somewhere so different.

EasyJet delivered me on time the night before and I spent a lovely evening with Helen and her husband discussing plans for the morning and eating on the terrace before getting an early night ready for pictures in the morning. I was particularly excited to see my first ever hedgehog happily ambling over their lawn. The iPhone was utilised to record the moment.

After a brilliant nights sleep I woke to a beautiful morning and the girls were really excited to begin their photo shoot. Helen had given a lot of thought to the pictures and had all the girls’ favourite toys ready and waiting so we could do lots of different things over the course of the morning. It’s lovely when we have lots of activities planned as the time flies by and I had lots of wonderful opportunities for pictures as everyone has a brilliant time.

It’s lovely to have a real mix of activities, from those that are planned with everyone interacting together to some that the children play on their own such as Claire’s school which is clearly a favourite, all set up in the kitchen to teach her lessons. I love recording these games that the children play so often, these are images that will bring back so many memories as they get older.

As always on my photo shoots I made sure to get some lovely family group shots and pictures of the children together. While my favourite shots tend to be action pictures I do think it’s important to get good group shots and these are always very popular with clients and make particularly good presents for grandparents. Having a mixture of pictures in a photo shoot means that there is something for everyone, pictures that have everyone in, pictures that capture a moment and show individuals at play, it’s good to capture them all.

We played so many great games from the giant parachute to sack races, the children love a bit of competition and soon moved onto their bikes. It was great to observe that they have a particular course they do, round and round the house and luckily for me the path alongside the house had such good light, it was great for pictures on both the bicycles and the scooters.

We enjoyed an exciting game of Hide and Seek and it was hilarious to find all three girls hidden inside their wardrobe. I couldn’t believe they fitted in the space, although it seemed even smaller when I tried to squeeze in myself when it was my turn to hide!

We finished with some water play, the hot weather making the hose seem a brilliant idea. It was so lovely for the children to run around spraying each other (and their parents). I did end up rather damp for the fight home but that is all part of the fun and fun it was, a brilliant, wonderful day photographing this lovely family in Geneva ins Switzerland. I can’t wait to go back!

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