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Family Photography with Scandinavian Style in Denmark


I’m a massive fan of all things Scandinavian, the food, the design and, of course, the detective fiction and so when Mette suggested that perhaps we should do our seventh family photo shoot at the family beach house in Denmark I jumped at the chance. While I’ve been to Sweden, and Norway before I’d not been to Denmark. We set a date.

Easy jet makes travelling around Europe for photo shoots so easy and I love getting out of the UK to photograph families. Recent trips include Geneva, Basel and, of course, Denmark. While I do charge more to travel abroad it is certainly affordable and so if you do have a holiday home in Europe and think it might work as a location for your photo shoot then do get in touch and we can discuss the options.

I arrived at Copenhagen and Gareth met me to drive me north to the beach house. It was a beautiful journey and I found myself taking the odd picture out the car window on my phone (yes, even professional photographers do that). The light was stunning and I was so excited at the prospect of photographing the children the following day.

When I arrived and had had a cup of tea Mette took me for a walk so I could get my bearings and a feel for the area. It was stunning, even better than I had imagined and the light was just incredible. It was great to get an idea of the lie of the land before the day ahead and all the fresh air ensured a great night’s sleep. Waking early and joining the family for breakfast it was a little drizzly. Not to be daunted though we headed out to catch some crabs and were rewarded with the rain pretty much holding off for the whole day. The silver light on the ocean as the children played on the jetty was beautiful.

Our plan was to do as many of the typical things that the children enjoyed so the pictures would provide a wonderful memory for them as they grow up. Catching crabs, picking wildflowers, climbing the hills and running around all featured as well as some of those activities that only children think are a good idea – filling all your pockets with stones anybody? no? That’s definitely a children thing. I think the pictures of Jacob concentrating as he slowly weights himself down are hilarious. At least he only used the little stones for that, the bigger stones made wonderful towers or were thrown into the sea to make the biggest splash.

Mid-morning the children’s grandparents arrived which was lovely and after a bit of a play in the garden especially on the swings (and a demonstration of some fantastic bike riding – a newly learnt skill) we headed out again to a different beach, packing in as many different places as we could. The children paddled and I love how the pictures are so timeless. As always, Mette dressed the children beautifully, and the pictures have that magical feel that is completely out of time. It wouldn’t surprise me if Mette has pictures of herself paddling on that same beach when she was a girl.

It was a brilliant day and a wonderful trip. I had such an amazing time and hope to visit again in the future. I hope you like them, this selection of images from our family photograph session in Denmark.

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