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An Action Shot from a Knightsbridge Photo Shoot – Just One


These girls were hilarious, absolutely brilliant fun and we had such a great morning taking family photographs in Hyde Park in Knightsbridge.

Hanadi had arranged her session while the family was visiting London over the Easter holidays and we were lucky with a day of beautiful spring weather. I arrived at the apartment and we all walked to the park together. We started in the playground and had a lovely time playing in the bamboo tunnel and the girls pushing their baby sister in the swing. It was brilliant with baby Latifa laughing with happiness as her sisters pushed her higher than she had ever been before.

As the playground was quite crowded and to take some pictures with a much prettier background we then moved into the main park – it’s always good to move around on a photo shoot to get great variety in the pictures. I love London’s parks and we are so lucky to have so much greenery in our wonderful city. It’s great to be out among the trees, particularly at this time of year when the ground is covered in a carpet of daisies, London is beautiful in the spring.

It’s been so hard choosing a single image for today’s just one. There are so many great pictures of all three girls but this one made me laugh out loud and so won the day. I love the action in the shot, Mariam jumping in the air while Shamma looks at the camera making a heart shape with her hands. It’s such a lovely moment.

The light was beautiful and by backlighting we get that beautiful subtle halo that really makes the girls stand out from their surroundings, the shallow depth of field blurs the background in this beautiful portrait.

I love how I feel I’ve captured the girl’s personalities, so full of fun and laughter in this natural and relaxed children’s portrait.

I do hope you like it and please get in touch if you would like to arrange your own family portrait session, I’d love to hear from you.

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