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At Home Family Photography Sessions


I love to integrate the architecture of my client’s homes into their family photos

At home photography sessions seems to have been a recent theme on the blog, I think due to a combination of April showers and the fact that a lot of my favourite pictures from photo shoots have been taken indoors.

I used to be nervous photographing families indoors, preferring always to get outside, run around and stamp in puddles in the rain. But over the years I’ve discovered that indoor pictures can be some of my client’s favourite images too. There’s something incredibly personal about pictures taken indoors. While we have memories associated with the places we go outdoors – our favourite parks, family walks – the memories we have of our homes are often even stronger.

And so, over time, I’ve changed my sessions from often being entirely outdoors to now usually including an indoor element even if it’s just a short one. I love to see children relaxed in their own homes, engaging with their environment, and happy to just chill out.

This recent favourite was a formal portrait taken in the most beautiful home I’m lucky enough to photograph in. We’d had some fun outdoors in the garden, and we were now concentrating on something a bit more sedate.

These boys are some of my favourite subjects in the world, I’ve been photographing the family since the eldest was only three months old and over the years we’ve had so many sessions, done so many different things and had such fun it’s always a real pleasure to see them.

I also love the architecture that is available to me when I photograph the family at home, wonderful panelled corridors, stunning stonework, incredible windows, it’s always an absolute joy.

Here we worked with the symmetry of the architecture and the boys poses to produce this beautiful, striking, portrait.

As you will have seen on the blog, my work is a mix of mainly relaxed documentary style work, but I also feel there is a big place for a portrait of everyone together, whether more formal like this one or a more relaxed picture. If you book a family photo shoot with me, whether outside or indoors at home or a combination of the two you can be sure of a lovely variety of images that show your family at your very best while having a brilliant time along the way. To see more examples of my family photography do take a look on the website or explore the galleries such as the children’s gallery or the older children and teenagers gallery.  I hope you like what you see and I look forward to hearing from you soon.