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Baby and Child Photographer Pimlico – Just One


So much of my work is about relationships, and that’s what drew my eye to this picture, today’s Just One from a recent children and family photography session in Pimlico. I love to take photographs that show the bonds between children and which really capture their characters, in this case the older child’s wonderful sense of fun and her happy little sister’s lovely sunny nature.

I love the older sister’s expression, mischievous and also quizzical. Her expression seems to say ‘hmm.. I wonder how many bubbles I can stick to her hair before she notices’. Clearly the answer is ‘a lot of bubbles’, and we can see them covering the grass like a carpet of marbles, the light bouncing off their surfaces making the floor at the front of the image glisten with reflected light. I love how the light has caught the bubbles in the air, really emphasizing them against the dark background of the trees.

I love baby Eloise’s expression too – looking up and smiling at her parents who, just out of shot, look on with amusement at their children’s antics. She seems almost unaware of the sheer volume of bubbles attached to the back of her head.

This is the kind of image that I can imagine both girls treasuring when they are grown up – it’s the kind of image that says so much about their relationship and can’t help but make you smile.

Both girls, and their older brother were such great fun to photograph, so full of giggles in front of the camera it was a real joy to take their portraits. I’ll share more from the session soon but in the meantime I hope you enjoy this, today’s Just One from our baby, children and family photography session in Pimlico.

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