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Baby and Family Photography in Wimbledon – Just One


I had the most wonderful time yesterday on my baby and family photo shoot in Wimbledon with baby Leo. It was such a pleasure to meet Bingyan and Jing who had come to me because my husband Tom had photographed their wedding in Cambridge a few years ago, it’s always lovely when there’s a personal connection and I was thrilled to see so many of Tom’s beautiful photographs up on the wall.

I arrived bright and early and was greeted by a very great cup of coffee, a super cute baby, and a very fluffy dog. Once George the dog had realized that I wasn’t an invader he was very friendly indeed. I do love it when pets are involved in the photo shoot, it’s great to include the whole family.

We started the session with some pictures indoors before Leo’s early morning nap. He had a lovely time rolling around on his parent’s bed and showing off his excellent neck strength with some tummy time. Four months is a lovely age for photography as the little ones are still so small but are full of smiles and laughter.

After Leo’s nap we ventured out, it was a cold day but absolutely beautiful. The stunning low light at this time of year is simply magical for photographs. Seeing how it illuminated the silver birches we headed over to see if there was an opportunity for a family photograph and this is the result, I love it. The family in a giant hug in this sea of beautiful trees and George the dog sitting, so proud at the front as if to say ‘these are my humans, aren’t they well behaved’ while the smiles on Jin and Bingyan’s face show the incredible happiness that their wonderful son brings them. I’m thrilled with it and I hope you will like it, today’s Just One from my baby and family photography session in Wimbledon.

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