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Baby Photographer Camden – Just One


This picture of pure joy happiness and jumped out at me as I downloaded my memory cards from a recent baby photography session in Camden in North London. Helena had contacted me to arrange a session to photograph three-month-old Eldar in my relaxed style – she was keen to have natural and playful pictures and I think we’ve definitely hit the jackpot with this delightfully happy shot.

Helena’s house was absolutely stunning and so we started by taking pictures in the main bedroom. I often find that this is a great place for photographing babies; they can roll around happily on the bed and master bedrooms tend to have beautiful light. It’s nice to let the family relax and interact together as the best pictures come when the camera is forgotten and everyone is enjoying themselves. I move around following the action and finding the best angles to create beautiful and meaningful photographs.

Using Black and White for family photographs means that the essence of the pictures really stands out, the emotions and the interactions. There are no distractions in the way of coloured walls or bright elements of interior design. We look straight to the faces and the lovely happy expressions.

The triangular framing of this image with the family at the top and Eldar’s arm and Helena’s hair forming the sides means that our eye travels round the picture coming back to those wonderful expressions without any distractions. I almost feel as if the composition of the picture is echoing those wonderful smiles.

I’m so thrilled with this picture and all the other lovely family photographs from this wonderful baby portrait session and I can’t wait to share them with the family and see which are their favourites, it’s certainly going to be hard to choose!

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